Smart Bands Under 500 To Buy in India 2021

Are you looking for smart bands under 500 Rs in India? You see, smart bands are becoming part of everyone’s alife. Smart bands are really useful when it comes to checking the time, knowing the heartbeat, and the best part is that you can wear the smart band, unlike your watch. It doesn’t matter what drives you in buying the smart band; here’s the list for 10 smart bands under 500 Rs in India 2021.

But before checking the list, do you think smart bands under 500 rs are that useful? I’ve mentioned my personal opinions at the end of this article to help you better know what to expect before making the purchase. 

Let’s begin.

Smart Band Complete List

Product ListAvailableFor
Rewy Fitness TrackerAmazonEveryone
BUYROYAL Fitness Tracker AmazonCycling, and Running
SBA A020 Fitness TrackerAmazonFitness and Outdoor
HUG Fitness TrackerAmazonHealth and Fitness
Helsen M3 TrackerAmazonHealth and Fitness

Rewy Fitness Tracker


The first on our list is Rewy W116 Pro Fitness Smart band. It a premium looking smart band and comes with decent features like steps calculator, calorie meter, sleep detection, and intelligent anti-lock.

It comes with 1.6 inches curved display that looks popping out of the body. The band has interactive UI that makes the whole experience immersive in itself. The message notification works just fine with this smart band without making any sound. The band has some sort of haptic feedback/vibration, which you can feel once you have a message or call notification.

Additionally, the band is water-resistant, meaning that small splashes of water won’t cause fatal damage to this device.

ForMen And Women
Display Size1.6 Inch
Battery Backup1 Day

BUYROYAL Fitness Tracker 


You get a ton of features with this smart band such as Bluetooth connectivity, heart rate sensor, activity records, sleep monitor, and so much more. It supports Android, iOS devices seamlessly. It has an HD screen with IPS colors FTF process and a single touch button. 

The smart band also features GPS function that can be really useful while running or when your band is away from your mobile device. The unique part about this smart band is the unique design; the band has texture feel to it on the strip. 

ForGym, Cycling, and Running
Display Size1.1 Inch
Battery Backup2 Days

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SBA A020 Fitness Tracker


Are you a sportsperson? How often do you go for outdoor sports? You see, knowing and keeping an eye on calorie burns is essential as a sportsperson. With SBA A020, you can keep an eye on calorie burn plus the footsteps you take enabled by the in-built GPS tracker in the band. 

With this smart band, you can take control of your notifications on the phone, and you don’t have to worry about carrying a charger often. Not to mention, the battery backup of this smart band is one of the best in our 5 Best Smart Bands Under 500 In India 2020.

ForFitness and Outdoor
Display Size1.1 Inch
Battery Backup1 Day

HUG Fitness Tracker


This fitness tracker is enough for your complete workday. With a massive battery in a fitness tracker, it is capable of handling all the tasks for two days without you needing to plugin it in. The trackers an inbuilt heart rate monitor for calculating the heart beats so it can warn you before having any medical emergency in the future.

The activity tracker of this fitness band is precise to provide accurate results. The color screen looks to pop out of the display, giving it a 3D look similar to that of OLED display.

ForHealth and Fitness
Display Size1.1 Inch
Battery Backup1.5 Days

Helsen M3 Tracker


The unique feature of this watch band is the blood pressure counter, which helps you in finding the blood pressure in your body. Apart from this, it also supports steps counter, and a dedicated sports mode to fulfill your utmost needs.

The tracker can also keep a watch heart rate for you, so you don’t get into trouble. The battery life of this tracker is satisfactory, and the product overall in real-time is decent to the price.

ForHealth and Fitness
Display Size1 Inch
Battery Backup1 Day


The reason for making this article was to know if people are looking to buy a fitness tracker at this price range. The results might amaze me, or this quite don’t go well, but the fact is, smart Bands Under 500 aren’t worth it. Even while researching on amazon for hours, I found nasty products on the internet. The product seems to be overpromising and is a legit scam form the sellers. 

The product descriptions are fake, and I don’t know who writes it. It is crucial that you didn’t put your hard-earned on these products as they are useless, and no one even knows these companies are legit or not. Based on your interest, you can still buy the product, but please don’t expect the things mentioned in the descriptions. 

In the end, before buying any product on the internet, please do your own research, and all the things present on this page are of my own thoughts, and I am not endorsed to write any of such things here. 

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