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Are you a passionate gamer who is interested in writing quality content for Gamers in India? If you are a fresher or experienced in writing articles or wanting a platform to submit your guest posts, kindly submit your article on the given email down below. 

To Submit your Article, kindly send us a mail at [email protected]

Steps To Submit Your Article

  1. Copy the Given Email from below.
  2. While submitting your article make sure it is plagiarism-free, unique, and should provide value to our audience. (also content > 600 words)
  3. Before sending the mail, kindly mention “Guest Post” as the subject, followed by the “Title” of your article.
  4. Make sure you attach the “Article” in MS word format, or through Google Docs only.
  5. Cheers! Once you “Send” the mail, we shall contact you shortly.

To Submit your Article, kindly send us a mail at [email protected]

Article Ideas That You Can Work On

Frankly speaking, just anything about Gamers, Gaming, and Accessories.

If you are some who can write biographies well – talk about Gamers!

If you keep yourself updated about Latest Trends, upcoming games, or have to spend timeless hours playing video games – write about Gaming!

If you are a tech geek and want others gamers to know about the latest and greatest accessories in the market – review the Gaming Accessories and let everyone know! 

Write what you feel is right for the audience!  😉

There are countless numbers of ideas you may come across – and we’ll accept them open-heartedly – with the same love you spent time in writing them!

Just in case you missed it – mail us at [email protected]

BenefitS By Submitting the Article

To be honest, there are quite a lot of perks that you may enjoy by submitting the article on Gaming Nation.

Currently, as of 2021, we are generating over 10,000 monthly visitors interested in Gaming Content in India. And with that, the average time spent by each visitor goes up to as high as 2 minutes on average! That’s fantastic if you are running a website for Gamers, especially who don’t generally read long form of content on the web. 

Know your audience and help them to solve their problems, and they might remember you for years to come.

And, by the means of Guest Posting, you can get a platform to promote your writing skills, and your blog aswell, in turn, can help you grow financially and help you build a separate fan base around.

With that, if your content is something that is loved by our audience, there’s no one stopping you to Join Gaming Nation as an Intern or maybe a Full-Time Content Writer in the near future. So keep your writing skills handy, we might need you!

That’s it folks, Best of Luck with your next article on Gaming Nation.


Harsh T

A Gamer By Heart, like you.

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