Gaming Mouse

A very important question for almost all gamers across the globe, which is the best gaming mouse under …? Well, depends on so many factors that a new gamer might not know about. Like, what’s your palm size? Does it fit perfectly? Which type do you want? How much DPI? A mouse with/without RGB? Lightweight or heavy? See, told ya! So many questions and answers to remember while selecting a gaming mouse.

To help you through, we’ve included the gaming mouse under different price ranges, whether its best gaming mouse under 2000 Rs, gaming mouse under 3000 Rs, or more, we have talked about every gaming mice in detail. Plus, we have included the Buyer’s guide and reviews of each gaming mice in the list. And, you can contact us through social media handle you help your out further.

But, your chances of getting more headshots depends on practicing the aim with the same mouse over and over again. So, choosing the first mouse is critical. And, we can help ;)

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