Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 10000 Rs in India 2022

Are you looking for the best gaming mouse under 10000 Rs in India?

Check out this list of best gaming mice under 10000 Rs which has some of the best gaming mice you can buy in India today! These gaming mice are selectively picked based on the Gamer’s choice and have some of the best features that you would want in a gaming mouse.

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Top 3 Best Gaming Mouse Under 10000

  1. Razer Viper Ultimate: Best Gaming Mouse Under 10000 (Overall)
  2. Logitech G502: Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 10000 
  3. SteelSeries Aerox 3: Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse Under 10000

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If you are a pro gamer and looking for the best wireless gaming mouse under 10k, or want a gaming mouse with the best RGB lighting, or just a lightweight gaming mouse under 10000 – this list has everything that you might want to check before buying anything online.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse under 10000 in India

Name (click to buy)Why Best?
Razer Viper UltimateBest Gaming Mouse Under 10000 (Overall)
Logitech G PROLogitech’s Best Selling Mouse Under 10000
Razer DeathAdder V2 ProBest Selling Gaming Mouse Under 10000
Logitech G502Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 10000
SteelSeries Rival 650Best RGB Gaming Mouse Under 10000
SteelSeries Aerox 3Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse Under 10000
Razer Basilisk V2Fastest Gaming Mouse Under 10000 (Best Switch)
SteelSeries Rival 710Gaming Mouse Under 10000 with OLED Display
Razer MambaRazer’s Best Selling Gaming Mouse Under 10k
Razer Basilisk XBest Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Under 10000
Top 10 Best Gaming Mice Under 10000 Rs in India 2022

Razer Viper Ultimate

Best Gaming Mouse Under 10000

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 8
DPI: 20,000
Weight: 74g

The Razor Huntsman mini is the best mechanical keyboard under 10000 in India in 2022. Its 60 percent form factor build is a new favorite among pro gamers, providing ample arm space, and smooth responsive key switches.

The Huntsman Mini’s 61-key minimal size synergizes with the responsive new ‘optomechanical’ switches, to create a premium experience. With a strong aesthetics quotient, the keyboard has mercury and black chassis options, along with purchasable keycaps for more customization.

Improving on the clicky sounds in the Huntsman TE, the Huntsman Mini is very silent because of silicone pads. And come in two options: Purple Clicky switches with an Actuation distance of 1.5 mm and Red Linear Switches with an Actuation distance of 1.0 mm

The Huntsman mini has 7 pre-set light modes with 5 customizable lighting profiles storable in the onboard memory. Synapse 3 provides software support, macro key binding and lighting customization options are available for each key.

  • ‘Hyper’ Speed
  • Premium feel
  • Onboard DPI storage
  • Optical switches
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • A bit overpriced

Logitech G PRO

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 7
DPI: 25,600
Weight: 80g

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a premium alternative to the Razer Viper Ultimate. Its amazing user experience combined with Logitech’s excellent support and its competitive spec sheet back up that claim pretty well. Logitech has developed the mouse for over 2 years with feedback from professional gamers. It garnishes features like an asymmetrical and ambidextrous body, a Teflon foot to reduce wear & very light body frame. Its bump is slightly higher and suited for a claw grip.

The textured grips are a welcome feature for sweaty gamers and the overall ambidextrous build is smooth and ergonomic. The matte plastic material gives it an understated metallic shine. A Teflon foot ensures smoothness and fewer scratches. Its DPI switches are below the mouse and thus prevent accidental taps. The LEDs above indicate the current DPI mode. 

The Hero 25K sensor delivers accurate and smooth movements. According to Logitech, it saves up to 10 times more power. Supporting between 100 – 25,600 DPI, it has the highest sensitivity among gaming mice available in India currently. The battery life is about 60hrs without RGB.

The G Hub software enables RGB customization and macro programming. The LIGHTSYNC mode enables an immersive RGB interface that changes with in-game progress. It is a value for money premium experience and surely an able competitor for the Razer Viper Ultimate. And might just edge out ahead as the best wireless gaming mouse with Logitech’s good customer support.

  • Logitech customer service
  • Removable side buttons
  • Onboard DPI storage
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Budget-Friendly
  • G Hub software UI/UX
  • Slow on magnetic/metal surfaces.
  • RVU’s higher-spec sheet

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

Razer DeathAdder v2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 8
DPI: 20,000
Weight: 88g

Razer finally landed its much loved classic Death Adder mouse frame in a wireless version with the Death Adder V2 Pro. Using the same Focus+ 20K optical sensor and premium Razer features like 100% PTFE feet and optical switches the mouse is a wholesome mix of nostalgia and a premium gaming experience.

The mouse retains the signature aggressive frame of the Death Adder, ideal for a palm grip, and is higher than the Razer Viper Ultimate. While ambidextrous mice are all in the range now the Death adder provides a unique experience with this design which is wider on the sides. It also has 2 DPI switches to toggle profiles while playing. The 100% PTFE feet glide over most surfaces seamlessly.

It offers a battery life of 70+ hours in 2.4 GHz wireless mode and 120 hours on Bluetooth. The optical switches come with a lifetime of 70 million clicks and provide a good accurate, low latency experience thanks to the Focus+ 20K optical sensor. The braided micro USB cable can be used to charge the mouse directly while the charging dock has to be purchased separately. 

To save battery life, the RGB lights are present only on the Razer logo. The Synapse 3.0 software does provide macro-programming for keys, RGB customization, onboard memory adjustments, and a whole lot of customization options. In conclusion, this 88-gram mouse is one for the fans with the premium features that come with a Razer mouse and the familiar build of the Death Adder.

  • Optical Switches
  • 70hr battery life
  • Familiar DeathAdder design
  • 3 connectivity options
  • 70 million clicks lifespan
  • Not ambidextrous

Logitech G502

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 11
DPI: 25,600
Weight: 114g

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is a much-awaited wireless version of its best-selling G503 Hero mouse. It retains the exterior design of the G503 Hero. Interestingly the mouse defies the norm of wireless mice being heavy, in fact measuring 7 grams less than its wired counterpart the G503 Hero. With indistinguishable latency from a wired mouse, the mouse is sure one you want to have a look at.

Logitech has achieved a lighter frame on this wireless mouse by re-working interior components and thinning the walls to just 1.2mm. Yet the structure is rigid and sturdy thanks to an internal endoskeleton. One of the fan favorites is its 6 detachable weights (2x4gm, 4x2gm) which allow for customizing the weight distribution. Finally, the 11 macro programmable buttons are the perfect icing on the cake in terms of customizability and user-friendliness.

Much like the Logitech G Pro, it comes with a Hero 25k sensor offering excellent speed, accuracy, and consistency. Its Omron mechanical switches synergize with the 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity option to produce a minimal 1 ms latency gaming experience, with no difference from a wired mouse. It is ideally suited for MOBA games. The battery backup is a decent 60hrs without RGB ON and 48hrs with it.

The G Hub software facilitates RGB lights customization and macro-programmability. It also has an onboard DPI memory. If you are looking for a premium gaming experience, a heavier mouse with good battery backup, or just want a wireless version of the G502, this might be the only mouse you ever need. Its 11 macro-programmable keys and Hyper-speed scroll wheel are handy features.

  • Logitech Customer support
  • Tunable weights
  • Hyper-Speed scroll wheel
  • Lighter options(depends on preference)

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 7
DPI: 12,000
Weight: 121g

The SteelSeries 650 is a much-awaited wireless variant of the Rival 600. It possesses the same satisfying rubber feel and neat aesthetics. It offers a heavier customizable alternative to the Logitech G Pro. Uniquely it comes with dual optical sensors. The 1ms latency and 8 zone RGB lighting are also competitive features.

The Rival 650 is ideally suited for palm and claw grips. Its body is the same as the Rival 600 wired gaming mouse and caters to the aesthetic needs of the fans completely. The rubber grips on the side offer a good grip but do tend to wear under heat after months of use. Interestingly, it does not have storage space for the USB dongle like competing mice.

The mouse uniquely has 2 sensors, with the Truemove3+ Optical Sensor offering a seamless gaming experience without any noticeable difference from a wired mouse, its depth tracking sensor can detect lift-off distances of just 0.5 mm, and can be adjusted with the SteelSeries Engine software. It offers a battery life of 24 hours on a full charge and according to SteelSeries can provide up to 10 hours of gameplay after 15 mins of charging.

It meets the basic RGB customization and importantly the macro programming needs of pro gamers with the SteelSeries Engine software. It also has onboard DPI profile storage. It comes with 8x4gm weights to customize the weight of the mouse. The mouse has a place in the market as a heavy alternative to the lighter Razer and Logitech gaming mice with dual optical sensors and weight customization.

  • Customizable Weights
  • Dual Optical Sensors
  • Weight(depends on Preference)
  • Onboard DPI memory
  • Amazing Battery life
  • No USB dongle storage

SteelSeries Aerox 3

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 6
DPI: 18,000
Weight: 69g

SteelSeries Aerox 3 is SteelSeries’s jump into the lightweight gaming mouse segment and 

Boy! has it been a jump to look out for. The Aerox 3 clocks in with a weight of 66 grams and a 200 hr battery life over a Bluetooth connection giving both the Razer Viper Ultimate and Logitech G Pro a run for their money. It is also the first gaming mouse to have an IP54 rating with water, oil, and dust resistance.

SteelSeries have cut down on the weight of the mouse with a honeycomb structure which is quite sturdy. It is the same shape as the SteelSeries Rival 3 and old users do find a familiar touch to it. It has an ambidextrous design, with two buttons on the left which left-handers might find some getting used to. Its PTFE glide skates feel-flowing on most surfaces.

The Golden Micro IP54 switches on it have a tactile feel and a lifespan of up to 80 million clicks. Its unique USB-C fast charging offers 40hr usage after 15-minutes of charging. It offers a new best-in-class battery life of 80hrs over a 2.4Ghz wireless connection.

The mouse offers RGB customization and macro-programming with the SteelSeries Engine and DPI profile storage on the onboard memory. The honeycomb structure might take some getting used to but its thrilling features and easy feel are worth the shift. Easily one of the best gaming mice available with lightweight, durability, and battery back-up.

  • Decent Battery back-up
  • Lightweight Gaming Mouse Under 10000
  • USB-C charging
  • IP54 water, dust, and oil resistance
  • PTFE gliders
  • Design takes some getting used to

Razer Basilisk V2

Razer Basilisk v2 Wired Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 11
DPI: 20,000
Weight: 90g

The Razer Basilisk V2 is Razer’s alternative for the Logitech G502 Hero, the Razer Focus+ 20K optical sensor does easily overtake the Hero sensor with superior performance and smoothness. It is also a rightful successor to Razer’s own Death Adder V2. With its optical switches and super light cable, the mouse is optimum for shooters but also a versatile option for most games.

It is lighter than the Logitech G502 and has an ergonomic design. The palm and thumb rest make it very easy to use while the weight is also comfortably lesser than the Logitech G502. It is a right-handed mouse with 2 lighting zones. The tactility of the scroll wheel can be controlled with a dial at the bottom. 

The Razer Focus+ 20K optical sensor improvises the gaming experience for MOBA, RPG, and FPS games alike. It has very low latency. Its CPI switch allows users to quickly switch between the 5 onboard profiles that can be accessed without the Synapse 3 software.  

The Razer Synapse 3.0 software allows for RGB customization, macro programming the 11 keys, and editing the saved profiles on the onboard memory. The Razer Basilisk V2 is compatible with most games and is significantly lighter than the competition, combined with a robust brand in Razer it is the best-wired under 10,000 (limited availability) currently in India. It also has a wireless version in the Basilisk V2 Ultimate.

  • 11 macro buttons
  • 5 onboard profiles
  • Razer ecosystem
  • Optical switches
  • Scroll wheel tactility dial
  • 100% PTFE feet
  • 2 RGB zones

SteelSeries Rival 710

SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 7
DPI: 12,000
Weight: 140g

In a competitive industry, companies are on the lookout for the next ahead-of-the-game feature. The SteelSeries 710 is one such product, fitted with a 5 cm OLED display and tactile alerts through motors inside, for new messages or in-game updates. It also has a swappable sensor, cable, and cover.

The design of the mouse is best suited for claw grip users while the side macro buttons are indeed a bit difficult to reach. The mouse itself weighs in at 135 grams because of the motors present for tactile alerts inside the mouse.

It features an excellent TrueMove3 sensor which cancels the need to swap the sensor for any other. The OLED display is towards the front of the mouse and is not visible while in use. It is capable of showing game info, discord messages, and a whole lot of customizable options. The tactile alerts ping the user for reloads, charging, or any other updates and are customizable too.

It comes with 2 RGB zones and macro programmable buttons all customizable with the SteelSeries Engine. The mouse is for people interested in newer features and does stand out among other gaming mice and is a great show for gaming circles. While still on the heavy side, it is available in India at a cheaper price than the Razer Viper Ultimate and Logitech G Pro.

  • OLED display
  • Tactile Alerts
  • Swappable Parts
  • TrueMove3 optical sensor
  • Weight on the heavier side

Razer Mamba

Razer Mamba - Best Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Under 10000
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: Yes
Buttons: 7
DPI: 16,000
Weight: 105g

The Razer Mamba wireless is a budget-friendly option with all premium Razer mice features and is quite similar to the death adder in design with minor improvements that make it feel a lot more comfortable to use. It packs in a good sensor with 2 RGB zones and a minimalistic design.

The Mamba Wireless has a hump-ish design suited ideally for a palm grip. It has much like most Razer mice 100% PTFE feet that glide over most surfaces. The design is ergonomic and aggressive, a welcome break from the ambidextrous mice filling the market at the moment.

It has an excellent Razer 5G advanced optical sensor with great accuracy and low latency. It has a 50hr battery life without RGB on while the switches themselves have a lifespan of about 60 million clicks. At 16,000 DPI and with its excellent sensor the mouse has no noticeable difference in performance from any high-end gaming mouse list.

The RGB lights can be customized and the button’s macro programmed along with full DPI customization, lift-off distance customization, and more with the Razer Synapse 3.0 software. In conclusion, the Mamba wireless is a great budget gaming mouse of the old mold and an alternative to the lightweight ambidextrous mice which are currently available in India for under 10,000.

  • 3 connectivity modes
  • Razer 5G optical sensor
  • Ideal for palm grip
  • Budget-friendly
  • Mildly heavier
  • Lesser battery life

Razer Basilisk X

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
RGB lighting: No
Buttons: 8
DPI: 16,000
Weight: 198g

For gamers interested in a wireless mouse with high-end performance without having to charge every few hours or days and easy compatibility with most platforms and devices, this device is an instant solution for you. The Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is the bargain you want to check out with its dual Bluetooth/ 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity options, 450 hr battery life, Razer 5G advanced optical sensor, and 6 programmable keys making it a budget-friendly steal.

It packs a good user experience with a pleasing on-the-eye design and easy to press, solid buttons. The grippy scroll wheel feels steady and works well with FPS gameplay. It also has a thumb rest on the side which feels very comfortable irrespective of the side you use it. The soft rubber textures on the side are also a welcome feeling. 

It can last for 450 hours on a BlueTooth connection, and 285 hours on a Wireless connection. Simple periodic changes of battery feel convenient and easier than charging your mouse frequently. It does not feature any plugs or USB ports. The switches are mechanical and the Razer 5G advanced optical sensor has no noticeable difference from any top-end mice sensor.

The mouse weighs an easy 84 grams without the batteries and varies between 107-198 grams depending on the batteries used. It does not feature RGB lights to ensure longer battery life.

Its 6 macro buttons can be edited in the Synapse 3.0 software and the DPI profiles are stored on the onboard memory.

  • Dual connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Budget-friendly
  • Aesthetic design
  • Onboard DPI storage
  • Relatively heavy
  • No wired mode


So what’s the best gaming mouse under 10000 for you? I hope this questions has been answered from the gaming mice from this list. If not, your free to ask me in the comments down below. 

Nevertheless, there are few things that you need to consider before buying a gaming mouse under 10000 in India 2022, this includes;

  • RGB: This can be a tricky choice to make, some gamers prefer gaming mouse with RGB lightening and some without the RGB – you need to make a choice based on your requirements.
  • Sensor: This is one of the vital things that you need to look. A better sensor is always the best for gaming, since not only you get accuracy but the overall precision make it the best choice for gaming.
  • Cable: One of the very few things that gamers miss out is the type of cable used. If you want a durable gaming mouse you need to choose a gaming mouse that comes with braided cable and not the normal TPC cable.

These were some of the things that you need to check before buying the gaming mice under 10k. I hope this list has helped you in choosing the right gaming mouse for you.

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