(Top 10) Best Gaming Mouse Under 2500 (Wired/Wireless)

For gamers, buying a budget gaming mouse is tough, especially when you’re buying the “best gaming mouse under 2500” Rupees – the reason being a lot of gaming mice are just dumped in the Indian market for the budget segment.

In a hurry? Here are the top 3 Best Gaming Mouse Under 2500;

Whether you’re buying the wired gaming mouse or the best wireless gaming mouse under 2500, you need to have a basic understanding of how gaming mice are different from regular mouse. If you’re buying a gaming mouse for the first time, I highly recommend you check this complete guide on buying a gaming mouse under 2022.

Below I’ve mentioned the list of the best wired/wireless gaming mouse under 2500.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 2500 in India

Name (click to buy)Why in Top 10?
HyperX Pulsefire CoreMost Rated Gaming Mouse Under 2500
Logitech G304Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 2500
Redragon M808 StormBest RGB Gaming Mouse Under 2500
Cosmic Byte HyperionDual Mode Gaming Mouse Under 2500
Cosmic Byte Kilonova 3335ICBest Wireless+ Wired Gaming Mouse Under 2.5k
Logitech G402 Hyperion FuryBest Wired Gaming Mouse Under 2500
Razer DeathAdder V2 MiniBest Ultra-lightweight Gaming Mouse Under 2.5k
Corsair M55 ProBest Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Under 2500
Logitech G102Best Selling Gaming Mouse Under 2500
Cosmic Byte Equinox GammaEditor’s Pick for Gaming Mouse Under 2500

HyperX Pulsefire Core

HyperX Pulsefire Core RGB Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wired
Sensitivity: 6,200 DPI
Number of Buttons: 7 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Pixart 3327
Weight: 87 grams

HyperX Pulsefire Core is one of its kind of gaming mouse under 2500 Rs – and that’s backed by its scarce availability in the Indian market. The Pulsefire Core is made for gamers looking for a solid, comfortable, wired RGB gaming mouse.

The HyperX Pulsefire Core comes with an excellent ambidextrous design, thanks to its symmetrical form factor. The mouse is suitable for palm and claw grip depending upon the size of your hands – but for most gamers, the symmetrical shape is a bonus. 

Talking about the features, the Pulsefire Core comes with nifty features, including the Pixart 3327 optical sensor which gives precise and smooth tracking with the least requirement of hardware acceleration. The sensor is capable of switching the DPI to up to 6200 DPI

It comes with 7 programmable buttons with switches that offer crisp tactile feedback and are durable to up to 20 million clicks. The mouse, however, doesn’t offer any RGB lighting apart from the logo light effect on the front. 

The RGB light on the front is customizable through HyperX NGenuity software and can automatically set up the profiles based on your needs.

The mouse is a bit on the heavier side at 123 grams compared to another gaming mouse in this list. 

Logitech G304

Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 2500
Connectivity: Wireless
Sensitivity: 12,000 DPI
Number of Buttons: 6 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Hero Sensor
Weight: 99 grams

The Logitech G304 is the best wireless gaming mouse under 2500 Rs in India – and that’s because of many reasons. Precise Hero sensor, lightweight, amazing battery life, RGB lighting, and most importantly, backed by Logitech’s expertise in the gaming industry.

Note: Logitech G304 and G305 are both the same mouse. But branded just differently in the Asian Markets.

The Logitech G304 is similar to the Logitech G102 Prodigy Wired gaming mouse, however, there still are a few differences you’ll notice. First, the lightweight design makes it a more convenient choice and also built-in nano receiver storage to keep the receiver and the battery inside of the mouse.

G304 comes with a next-gen Hero sensor capable of delivering exceptional accuracy and responsiveness, all thanks to its 400 IPS precision and sensitivity to up to 12,000 DPI

The mouse comes with 6 programmable buttons that can also be easily configured. However, the mouse doesn’t offer any RGB lighting and thus, can be the downside for some gamers. On the other hand, the boost in wireless capabilities like 250h battery life and 1ms response time, can compensate for the RGB part.

The G304 weighs about 99 grams which is great considering the battery will add more weight to it. Nevertheless, with a ton of features, G304 adds on the table, weight is just a number, to say the least. The Logitech’s Gaming Software support on the G304 is an added advantage to the onboard memory and customizations the mouse has to offer.

Redragon M808 Storm

Redragon M808 Storm Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wired
Sensitivity: 12,400 DPI
Number of Buttons: 7 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: PMW3325 sensor
Weight: 85 grams

If you’ve been gaming for a while, you are much more likely to know about the Redragon M808 Strom gaming mouse. It’s one of the cheapest wired gaming mouse that you can buy for decent gaming in India.

The Redragon Strom is one of the lightweight gaming mice, all thanks to its hive design & ergonomic shape. The overall frame of the mouse is comfortable for grip for almost all hand sizes.

The mouse comes with a Pixart PMW3325 sensor capable of delivering high performance for gamers with its high accuracy and precision. The sensor, however, supports sensitivity to up to 12,400 DPI which is good considering the price of this mouse.

The Storm comes with a total of 7 programmable buttons that can be easily customized through Reddragon’s Gaming Software. You can also customize the RGB lighting of the Strom gaming mouse from over 16.8 Million colors.

Weighing at just around 83 grams, the Strom makes it to the list of best lightweight gaming mouse under 2500 Rs in India. Not just the amazing honeycomb design factors into the ergonomic design, the overall comfy frosted finish is a big essential buff for PRO gamers. Also, the Redragon Strong supports 5 onboard DPI levels so you never miss out on the crucial situations while gaming.

Cosmic Byte Hyperion

Cosmic Byte Hyperion Wireless + Wired Dual Mode Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wireless + Wired
Sensitivity: 10,000 DPI
Number of Buttons: 6 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Pixart 3325
Weight: 96 grams

If you’re looking for a wireless + wired gaming mouse under 2500, then you might be considering Comic Byte’s Hyperion Gaming Mouse. The dual-mode gaming mouse isn’t a new concept in the gaming industry, however, very few brands have made reliable and durable mice over the years. 

The mouse is very similar to Cosmic Byte Hydra Gaming Mouse, however, the only noticeable difference is the RGB, dual-mode setup, and the DPI switch in the middle. The Hyperion is lightweight compared to its counterparts, the weight just at 96 grams.

Cosmic Byte’s Hyperion comes with nifty features, the mouse supports a wired connection with the Type C cable (also included in the box), the wireless support is backed with the 2.4ghz connection (10m range), reliable for fast movement and accurate tracking.

The Hyperion offers Pixart’s 3325 gaming-grade optical sensor with 10,000 DPI, 100 IPS, 20G acceleration that brings higher precision and speed. 

It comes with a total of 6 programmable buttons and the placement of these buttons is comfortable for gamers who prefer claw/palm grip. The mouse comes with RGB lighting on the scroll wheel and the logo in the middle. Also customizable along with the DPI profiles, all thanks to the Cosmic Byte Gaming Software.

Cosmic Byte Kilonova 3335IC

Cosmic Byte Kilonova 3335IC Wireless + Wired Dual Mode RGB Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wired + Wireless
Sensitivity: 16,000 DPI
Number of Buttons: 10 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Pixart 3335
Weight: 89 grams

If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse that can be either plugged in with the wire or can be used wireless, then the Comic Byte Kilonova 3335IC is the best ultra-lightweight gaming mouse under 2500 in India that you must be checking out.

The Kilonova 3335IC is a dual-mode RGB gaming mouse, with an asymmetrical design. A perfect fit for gamers looking for an ambidextrous design suitable for both right and left-hand design. It’s lightweight at 89 grams and has a honeycomb design.

The biggest plus point with Kilonova 3335IC is that it offers a Pixart 3335 Sensor – it’s not just accurate but also brings you the highest level of precision when it comes to FPS gaming. What’s cool is that it can be used both as a wired gaming mouse and a wireless gaming mouse.

Not to mention, the Kilonova offers you 7 programmable buttons that can be easily customized with the software, and the replaceable top and side buttons make them more functional than ever.

The battery comes at a decent 400mAH – good enough if you’re doing intense gaming sessions for 4-5 days. Needless to mention, the cable is lightweight and you’ll barely notice the weight while using this wired gaming mouse. A steal deal if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse under 2500 Rs.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wired
Sensitivity: 4,000 DPI
Number of Buttons: 8 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Hero Sensor
Weight: 144 grams

The Logitech’s G402 Hyperion Fury is probably the best-selling gaming mouse since its launch, and that’s not just limited to Logitech fanboys, but if you’re looking for something backed by one of the leading brands in the gaming industry – you get no wrong with the G402!

The G402 is not necessarily the fit for lightweight gaming mouse lovers, however, when it comes to ergonomics and overall sensor quality – I don’t think you’ll find any better. The kind of design G402 comes with offers you a comfortable feel to it, and low friction on the bottom ensures smooth gaming aswell.

G402 Hyperfury is packed with a hero sensor – one of the industry-leading sensors for gaming by Logitech. The mouse comes with sensitivity packed at up to 4,000 DPI.

The mouse comes with 8 programmable buttons and with the Logitech Gaming software, you’re well backed by the many customization options to save your profiles. It also comes with onboard memory you don’t have to worry about resetting your profile.

As mentioned, it’s not one of the lightweight gaming mice that you can buy – but weighing at 144 grams this is meant for gamers that want a solid gaming mouse on their desk.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini

Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini Ultra-Lightweight Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wired
Sensitivity: 8,500 DPI
Number of Buttons: 6 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Optical Sensor
Weight: 62 grams

There is nothing like Razer’s DeathAdder V2 Mini gaming mouse when it comes to an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse. You see, Razer has been keeping its product’s quality top-notch, and DeathAdder V2 mini is no exception.

The design features a unique taste to it – it’s lightweight, ergonomic, and more than that, it’s suitable for most small and medium-sized hands. So, if you’re a gamer looking for a gaming mouse that’s versatile enough to accommodate most grip styles – you know what’s the best option for you.

To add, Sensor doesn’t do less justice either. It’s more than accurate compared to other gaming mice in this list, plus, now it is backed by Razer’s in-house sensor that’s by far the best in this segment. The mouse supports sensitivity to up to 8500 adjustable DPI and comes with pixel precision while gaming.

DeathAdder V2 Mini comes with a total of 6 programmable buttons and the RGB backlit on the front is all customizable by the Razer Synapse 3. With great cable, a lot of customizations, and a decent-looking RGB on the logo, this makes this a must opt for the best gaming mouse under 2500 Rs in India.

Additionally, this mouse just weights at 65 grams and the onboard memory makes it just the right tool for gaming without any lag whatsoever. Definitely consider this one out.

Corsair M55 Pro

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wired
Sensitivity: 12,400 DPI
Number of Buttons: 8 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Optical Sensor
Weight: 86 grams

The next on this list is Corsair’s M55 Pro gaming mouse. It features an ambidextrous design, a gaming-grade sensor, and decent build quality.

The best thing about the Corsair’s M55 Pro is its design. Now you can use this mouse either with the left or the right hand, and gamers looking for an amazing mouse with an ambidextrous design won’t get any disappointments whatsoever.

The mouse comes with a highly precise 12,400 DPI optical sensor that packs the PMW3327 – a great gaming-grade sensor. The build quality of the mouse is amazing and that goes with saying that Corsair has been beating this segment for a while now.

The mouse features up to 8 fully programmable buttons, this would help give an in-game advantage with powerful macros and button remaps. But that’s all the good parts, one thing I personally feel is a big downside is the lack of RGB. In fact, if the breathing effect was just what all gamers would need, there would be no better options in this list.

It weighs just 86 grams which is quite good as compared to other gaming mice on this list. The mouse is backed by the Corsair iCUE software for any customizations required – assigning macros and the RGB effects.

Logitech G102

Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse
Connectivity: Wired
Sensitivity: 8,000 DPI
Number of Buttons: 6 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Hero Sensor
Weight: 89 grams

The Logitech’s G102 is kind of similar to the G304 – but this one is wired and has a better RGB around the body. Now RGB is something a lot of Gamers would prefer going for the G102 over G304 – but if the wireless mouse is the option you want to go for, G304 is the best wireless mice under 2500.

Design-wise, the G102 is very similar if not the same as G304 – however, just little button placements here and there and adding RGB – they fundamentally look the same at first glance.

Gaming-wise, the G102 doesn’t disappoint either. The Hero Sensor from Logitech is one the leading gaming-grade sensor that you’ll find in this price range – not sure if it’s “the best” but definitely gets itself in the TOP 3 spots for sure. The mouse’s sensitivity however is limited to just 8K DPI settings.

The G102 offers 6 programmable buttons – 2 on the left for thumb side movements, the one in the middle, and others at the traditional spots. The mouse supports tremendous click rates at up to 18 million clicks, so you’ll barely have any problem when it comes to durability.

Considering all the nifty features, the mouse just weights at 89 grams, however, you won’t find any customizations options for the weight side. Good thing is, you get this amazing customizable RGB light around the body of the mouse and that can be easily changed all thanks to Logitech’s Gaming Software

Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma

Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma
Connectivity: Wired
Sensitivity: 16,000 DPI
Number of Buttons: 12 Programmable Buttons
Sensor: Pixart PMW3389 Sensor
Weight: 148 grams

Next on our list is the Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma gaming mouse for under 2500 Rs. Now this one is different, not just the team at CB have come up with a great design, but I personally liked the buttons and their placements. 

The mouse comes with 12 programmable buttons – the overall design doesn’t compromise the functionality of the buttons either. The build quality is somehow a point of concern though, it’s looking more plastic, however, I didn’t find any major build quality-related issues with this one.

Talking about the sensor, the Equinox Gamma is packed with the PIXART PMW3389 sensor – a decent sensor for gaming, regardless, you’re not probably looking for this mouse for just performance, but overall ergonomics, ain’t you?

With a total of 12 customizable buttons and adjustable weights, this mouse is offering you a lot for its price point. The RGB is not a missing part of the puzzle either, you get a decent RGB on the body and the scroll wheel, both customizable with the Cosmic Byte’s gaming software.


Look, there are not too many options when you’re looking for the best gaming mouse under 2500 In India, especially in 2022 – a lot of mice are just not meant for gaming.

But, if you are looking to buy a mouse that’s meant for gaming, I doubt you can find anything better than what we’ve discussed in this list. If you got anything better, I’d love to know in the comment down below.

A quick tip if you want the best of the best gaming mouse under the budget of 2.5k;

  1. Know your Grip style.
  2. Sensor for gaming, design for ergonomics.
  3. Don’t avoid the first two rules.

That’s it gamers, I hope you liked this list of best gaming mice under 2500 Rs. 

See you around : )

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