[Top #1] Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under 1500

What’s the best part of this review is that I’m typing with the keyboard and navigating with the mouse that comes in this gaming combo. Who else can better help you with choosing the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo under 1500 – than someone who has used it?

This is the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo under 1500 Rs in India – and you’ll know exactly why I’m in love with this gaming combo from Amkette.

But before I go further,

A big shoutout to Amkette for sending me over this keyboard and mouse combo for a review and being super generous.

For you gamers, be assured, like any other articles on Gaming Nation, this one too remains unbiased and true to my initial impressions.

So, what does this gaming keyboard and mouse combo offers you for 1500 Rs?

Frankly speaking, a lot of features for a gaming keyboard and mouse at this price point.

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under 1500

EvoFox X-Team Fireblade Gaming Keyboard and Spirit Gaming Mouse

EvoFox X-Team Fireblade Gaming Keyboard

Fireblade Gaming Keyboard

  • Tenkey less Keyboard
  • 87 Keys TKL Keyboard
  • 10 Million Keystrokes
  • Braided Cable
  • Backlit Keys with Breathing Effect
  • 19 Anti Ghosting Keys
  • 12 Multimedia Keys
EvoFox X-Team Spirit Gaming Mouse

Spirit Gaming Mouse

  • Medium Sized Ergonomic Mouse
  • 5 Million Switch Strokes
  • 7 Color cycle breathing LED effects
  • 6 Programmable buttons
  • Strong Braided Cable
  • Up to 3200 DPI sensor
  • 1000Hz polling rate
9.8Expert Score
Value For Money – Jackpot of Features.

Difficult to tell whether it’s a value for money deal or a jackpot deal – whatever you might say, this gaming combo gets no wrong in offering high quality, and features under your budget.

With compact(TKL) design, high-quality ABS built, 19 Anti-ghosting, 12 multimedia keys and amazing LED with breathing effects – the Fireblade Gaming Keyboard surely beats the competition.

While on the other hand, the Spirit Gaming Mouse offers you the latest Pixart Sensor, up to 3200 DPI with a switch button, a total of 6 programmable buttons, and an adjustable LED light. If this isn’t great for its price – I doubt what is.


The X-Team Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo come at 1,380 Rs on Amazon but you still can buy this at a much-discounted price if you check Amkette’s Official Website.

What’s more on the website, is that you’ll get an option to buy this gaming combo on 3 months EMI without paying any extra charges or interest whatsoever. This was possible with the tie-up between ZestMoney and Amkette to deliver quality products at a very affordable price for gamers in India.

Even if you’re here for a gaming keyboard, it’s recommended that you go for this Combo since it will not only save you more money, but the gaming mouse is worth every penny you pay for.


Unboxing of EvoFox X-Team Fireblade Gaming Keyboard and Spirit Gaming Mouse Combo
Unboxing of EvoFox X-Team Gaming Combo

The EvoFox X-Team gaming keyboard and mouse have decent packaging, to say the least.

Inside the box, you get Fireblade Gaming Keyboard and Spirit Gaming Mouse wrapped inside a cushion-like material to protect from dust and outside particles. 

The best part about unboxing is the 2 EvoFox stickers that you get inside the package. You can use it anywhere you want – it’s delightful to have stickers included even if it’s just the part of branding. Again, 5 out of 5 in terms of packaging.

Not to forget, you can also extend the warranty for 3 months with the registration card that you get inside the box. Thank me later.

EvoFox Fireblade Gaming Keyboard

Design & Build Quality

EvoFox X Team Fireblade Gaming Keyboard Under 1000
Compact Design – Good for Cramped Desks

The Fireblade Gaming Keyboard comes with a compact (TKL) design – meaning, the keyboard is tenkeyless and thus suitable for small desks

It is built with ABS plastic, a material that is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals or physical impacts. In simpler words, it’s more durable than ever.

The plastic build quality doesn’t seem to compromise on the overall stylish looks of this keyboard, however, the only downside is the mediocre painting job done on this keyboard. (Note, it’s not an issue if you don’t look too closely). Overall, this is a good keyboard for typing, gaming, or any professional work.


EvoFox X Team Fireblade Gaming Keyboard and Spirit Gaming Mouse Combo
LED Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Under 1500 Rs

The Fireblade Gaming Keyboard comes with nifty features – in a nutshell, this membrane keyboard has 87 keys of with 19 anti ghosting keys and 12 multimedia keys. The keys come with 10 million keystrokes so you can type and play video games without worrying about keypresses causing any damage.

This wired gaming keyboard gets an added durability advantage – all thanks to the strong braided cable. This is a backlit keyboard with breathing effects that can be changed with the dedicated lights button.

While other gaming and mouse combo don’t offer much in terms of features that gamers actually want, this budget gaming keyboard and mouse stands out to be the best at this price point.

  • Value For Money Gaming Combo
  • Amazing Build & Stylish Design
  • Customizable Lighting Modes
  • 19 Anti Ghosting Keys
  • 12 Multi-Media Keys
  • Windows Lock Key
  • Absence of Numpad
  • No Wrist Rest/Hand Rest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Fireblade A Membrane or mechanical Keyboard?

The Fireblade is a membrane gaming keyboard that comes at a price of just 899/- Rs in India.

Does EvoFox Fireblade Gaming Keyboard come with anti-ghosting keys?

Yes, it comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys.

How to change the lights on Fireblade Gaming Keyboard?

Just press Fn + Light Key and you’ll be able to switch it on/off. Unfortunately, it’s not customizable.

What is the length of wire on the EvoFox Fireblade Gaming Keyboard?

The length of braided wire on the EvoFox Fireblade Gaming keyboard is 1.5 meters.

Can I use this keyboard on Mac/Smart TV?

Since it has USB connectivity, this gaming keyboard is compatible with Mac/PC/Laptop/Smart TV. 

EvoFox Spirit Gaming Mouse

EvoFox Spirit Gaming Mouse
EvoFox Spirit Gaming Mouse

The EvoFox Spirit Gaming Mouse is exclusively available with the Amkette’s X-Team combo. Yes, you can’t buy this gaming mouse separately. And, that’s not just the “best” part here.

The Spirit Gaming Mouse is lightweight, comes with RGB, an accurate sensor, and on top of that – it perfectly fits in the medium-sized hands for better clam grip. This all adds up to the overall amazing gaming experience that you get with the Fireblade Gaming Keyboard.

Additionally, even if you have small hands or large hand sizes, this gaming mouse won’t take much time to get used to with its ergonomic design and perfect buttons placement. Even if you play FPS or MOBA games, you are unlikely to face any issues with this mouse. A perfect five out of five in terms of its ergonomic design.

If you’re a gamer on a tight budget, buying a separate mouse and keyboard might not be the best idea. Instead, go with a budget gaming keyboard and mouse combo under 1500 from Amkette.

  • Accurate Sensor (Pixart 3168)
  • Exclusive to this combo
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • 7 Color cycle
  • Up to 3200 DPI
  • LED lights could have been brighter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Pixart sensor does the EvoFox Spirit Gaming mouse come with?

The EvoFox Spirit Gaming mouse comes with Pixart 3168. The sensor has high accuracy and has up to 3200 DPI.

Does the mouse come with RGB light?

The Spirit Gaming Mouse comes with LED light with 7 customizable effects.

Is it good for claw grip?

Yes, the Spirit Gaming Mouse is good for medium-sized hands size and claw grip.

Can I customize the Spirit Gaming Mouse?

Yes, you can customize the seven customizable buttons with the software. Also, you can change from the 7 Color cycle breathing LED effects on this mouse.

What is the DPI level of a mouse?

The EvoFox Spirit Gaming Mouse supports DPI to up to 3200.


Buy with ZERO Regrets!

Whether you’ve just started gaming or looking out for budget alternatives – the EvoFox X-Team Gaming Combo must be on your wish list since there’s nothing better than what X-Team can offer you right now.

Look, while there can be an argument that another gaming combo has this and that, but if you lookout for the perfect balance in terms of quality and features – I can bet my odds on this budget gaming keyboard and mouse combo from Amkette rather than anything else.

I’ve used it, and this beats my expectations in every department of quality, features, pricing, and you name it. Try it yourself, and you’ll know it.

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