10 Best Gaming Cafe In Dubai You SHOULD Visit (in 2022)

Are you looking for the best gaming cafe in Dubai for some amazing gaming experience? Whether you’re a PC or Console gamer – Dubai has a lot of gaming lounges that can offer you the best gaming experience in the city.

Among the best gaming cafe in Dubai, each one has a different set of components for their PCs, and based on that they have different prices set for hourly basis that you play for. No rocket science there.

But, with different electricity charges in different cities of UAE, each city (like Sharjah, Jumeriah, Abu Dhabi, etc) have different price range.

Based on the Best Gaming experience which includes best hardware, better food/drinks options, and at afforable price – I’ve curated the top 10 best gaming cafe in Dubai that you SHOULD visit once you’re there.

Best Gaming Experience = Best (Hardware + Ambiance + Food + Price)

Top 10 Best Gaming Cafe in Dubai (Updated 2022)

Que Club Gaming Zone

Gaming Center in Dubai with High End Computers, Billiards & Cafe
Gaming Centre, Billards & Cafe
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Pricing: Starts from 10 AED/hr

The Que Club is among the best gaming cafes in Dubai. Mostly searched with “q club” on the interest – this famous gaming cafe is beating the industry numbers by a huge margin. 

The cafe is located in Oud Metha region of Dubai which is near the famous “The Frame” of Dubai. The cafe has billiards and an amazing cafe for food and drinks. The gaming prices for PC starts for as low as 10 Dhirhams per hour and 40AED/Hr for Pool.

Contact Number: +971-43365551

Millennium Avenue Gaming Cafe

Millennium Avenue Gaming Cafe Near Abu Hail Road, Dubai
Best Gaming Lounge In Dubai
Overall Rating: 4.2/5
Pricing: Starts from 7 AED/hr

The Millennium Avenue Gaming Cafe, located near Abu Hail Road, is one of the cheapest yet one of the best gaming cafe in Dubai. The prices for PC Gaming starts as low as 7dhs/hour and for Pool that goes upto 30AED/hr.

The overall ambience of the place is quite amazing, and the location is near metro itself. The cherry on the cake is that they accept Cash, Crypto, and PayPal too. Definitely visit if you’re in Dubai.

Contact Number: +971 42947777

Exile Gaming

Exile Gaming Gaming Cafe with 4k Gaming Setup
Gaming Cafe in Dubai with 4K Gaming Setup
Overall Rating: 4.6/5
Pricing: Starts from 10 AED/hr

Amazing food – best gaming chairs – and, High-End PCs for 4K gaming – that’s everything about Exile Gaming Lounge in Dubai. Located in the region of Garhoud, this gaming cafe is easily accessible through the Red Metro line of the city.

The price starts at 10 AED for an hour and you can easily claim a huge discount if you book earlier and play for at least 12 hours. The food is nothing to review – that’s because it’s great!

Contact Number: +971 48886768

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Last Resort Game Zone

Last Resort Game Zone With 1080p gaming starting from 12AED per hour
Gaming Cafe in Dubai with Best Food Quality
Overall Rating : 4.4/5
Pricing: Starts from 12 AED/hr

The Last Resort Gaming Zone deserves to be among the best gaming cafe in Dubai for many reasons. One is that this gaming cafe not only organizes tournaments for gamers but also rewards them. You can participate in the gaming cafe by paying just 12 AED for an hour.

Note, the charges here are excluding the VAT, so yes, a little bit more expensive than other gaming cafes on this list. The food too costs a little more here in this cafe. But, you get the quality for the price you pay for.

Contact Number: +971 43277773

ALT Gaming Lounge DXB

ALT Gaming Lounge In Dubai with High End 240hz Curved Gaming Monitors
Gaming Cafe in Dubai with Curved Gaming Monitors
Overall Rating : 4.9/5
Pricing: Starts from 12 AED/hr

Gaming lounge with curved gaming monitors – whoah! This might seem normal, but what can you expect at the price of just 10AED/hour? A full-fledged gaming setup with starters and drinks at an even less price.

The ALT Gaming cafe is located near the Dubai Investment Park and has a lot of restaurants that you might want to try out. The gaming setup is worth it and you would easily find yourself playing a 4k gaming experience.

GameOver Gaming Cafe

GameOver Gaming Cafe in Dubai starting at 10 AED per hour
Gaming Cafe Near Al Warqa, Dubai
Overall Rating : 4.5/5
Pricing: Starts from 10 AED/hr

One of the favorite hangout places for gamers in Dubai. Whether you’re a 12-year-old or above – you are welcome to play on one of the best gaming PCs in the Dubai market. The monitors and GPUs are all geared up so that the gamers have the ultimate gaming experience.

Located near the Al Warqa region of Dubai, this best gaming cafe in Dubai is easily accessible through the nearest metro stations. Oh, and did I forget to mention, gamers love the food here. Definitely 5 stars for the food and must visit from this list.

Contact Number: +971 42829499

Emperor Gaming Network

Emperor Gaming Network Best Gaming Lounge in Dubai
Best Gaming Cafe in Deira
Overall Rating : 4.5/5
Pricing: Starts from 10 AED/hr

Located near the Deira region of Dubai, this gaming cafe is similar to Exile Gaming (5th on this list). It’s inexpensive and has amazing food to offers. The plus here is, this gaming cafe has the most well-trained staff inside. They know in and outs of the game that you might be playing over there.

The cafe charges about 10 dirhams per hour and goes up to 15 AED for high-end PCs. If you live nearby Deira then shall visit the Emperor Gaming Cafe. A must deserve cafe on the “Best Gaming Cafe in Dubai” list.

Contact Number: +971 042977606

CTRL Gaming Cafe

CTRL Gaming Cafe The Best Gaming Cafe in Sharjah
Best Gaming Cafe in Sharjah
Overall Rating : 4.7/5
Pricing: Starts from 12 AED/hr

The Control Gaming Cafe is located in the city of Sharjah. While this is the best gaming cafe in Sharjah, and not in Dubai – this gaming cafe definitely should get some attention. For people living near the Industrial Area of Sharjah, this gaming cafe helps them to relax and take time off against their busy schedule.

The cafe carries a fleet of high-end gaming PCs, good for 1080p gaming and prices start from standard 12 AED/hour. While in Sharjah, try to visit the cafe and share your gaming experience.

Contact Number: +971-065357710

Power Gaming

Power Gaming Cafe in Dubai Near Jumeriah
Gaming Cafe with Best Ambiance
Overall Rating : 4.2/5
Pricing: Starts from 12 AED/hr

If you want the best ambiance for gaming in Dubai – Power Gaming is the place you need to choose. With the aggressive red colors – high-end 27-inch monitors – with RGB Gaming Chair, this gaming cafe has everything a competitive gamer would want. 

Located in the Sunset Mall of Jumeriah, this is one of the best gaming cafes in Jumeriah for people living in Dubai and nearby. The cost here is a little bit on the higher side, but you won’t regret paying more for the experience that you would get here. Must visit cafe from this list of best gaming cafe in Dubai. 

Contact Number: +971-555177131

Psynix GameZone

Psynix GameZone One of the Best Gaming Cafes in Dubai
High End Gaming Cafe in Dubai
Overall Rating: 4/5
Pricing: Starts from 10 AED/hr

If you’re a fan of playing video games in an cabin or a closed atmosphere – the Psynix GameZone is the place for you. Whether you’re alone of with your buddies, this place has alot to offer. From PC gaming to console gaming, you can find everything speced up and for the price – you won’t regret a bit. 

It’s located near Al Wasel Rd in Dubai, and the price start from as low as 10 aed/hour. And yes, the food quality is awesome aswell.

Contact Number: +971 43312466

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