[TOP 10 Must Buy] Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 in 2022

Gamers love these best gaming chair under 20000 Rs – and you surely don’t want to miss this list.

While looking for the best gaming chairs under 20000 Rs in India I found out a variety of options, however, for the gamers who want to keep their sitting life comfortable and get the best gaming experience, here I shortlisted some of the best pc gaming chairs that you can find in the market.

And for all Mobile Gamers out there, listen up, Mobile Gamers Don’t Need A Gaming Chair!

PC vs Mobile Gaming Chairs Fight in India
Do Mobile Gamers need a Gaming Chair?
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But for PC Gamers, a gaming chair is an important part of your gaming setup.

No jokes gamers, whether you’re a mobile gamer or a pc gamer, you need to sit in the right posture to avoid any damage to your body.

Choosing the right gaming chair to play comfortably during those long gaming sessions SHOULD be your priority.


Regardless of your choice to buy a gaming chair from my affiliate links, below I’ve listed some of the Top 10 Gaming Chairs that you MUST CHECK before buying any gaming chair in India under 20000.

10 Best and Comfortable Gaming Chair Under 20000 in 2022

In a nutshell
Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair Under 20000 High Quality Best For Gamers
Green Soul Monster
Comfortable & Feature-Rich
Buy On Amazon
In a nutshell
Heaven for your Butt! Green Soul’s Top Gaming Chair Under 20000
Feather Soft Material Used
Adjustable Head and Lumbar Support
Super resealable price at this price range.
Small Armrest
Poor Customer Support – can be worrying in after sales service.
The under thigh support could have been a better choice.
most rated
Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair Under 20000 Rs in India 2021
Green Soul Beast
Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Buy On Amazon
In a nutshell
Budget King for Gamers! Most Ergonomic Gaming Chair Under 20k
Reasonable Price
Thick Lumbar and Head support.
Adjustable Arm Rest for proper sitting position.
Dust Magnet due to nylon fabric on it.
Comes with 3D Armrests
unlike in Green Soul Monster.
Medium size chair and only suitable for a very few people.
Gamer’s Choice
ApexApex Crusader XI Gaming Chair In Red Under 20000-Crusader-XI-Gaming-Chair-In-Red-Under-20000
Apex Crusader XI
Racing Style Gaming Chair
Buy On Amazon
In a nutshell
Style Without a Dime! Best Looking Gaming Chair Under 20k in India
Easy to assemble
Hand rests are super high quality.
Comfortable for long sessions.
Build quality not strong enough.
Small to medium size chair, and limited to only few.
It says Class 4 Gas rod, but it actually feels like Class-2 rod.
1/6/2022 Update
Greysteel Gaming Chair currently unavailable on Amazon.
Click to check the alternatives here.
All these gaming chairs are one of the best gaming chair under 20000 regardless of the position in this list. Since you didn’t subscribe to our newsletter, this article is NOT sponsored by any brands. We make sure you get complete honest and unbiased reviews, so maybe thank us later.

Green Soul Monster

Green Soul’s Top Best Gaming Chair Under 20000

Green Soul Monster Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 High Quality Best For Gamers
More breathable than a leather chair
Comfortable sitting position
Deer Mechanism
Class 4 Gas lift
4D Armrests
Lumbar Pillow
3 year warranty
9.9Expert Score
Heaven for your Butt!

If you work for long hours – this is what your butt wants! A heaven indeed. With premium quality fabric and soft materials used, this chair won’t disappoint you, ever!

The Green Soul Monster is like no other gaming chair under 20,000 price point. The chair feels premium, all thanks to its design and build quality. The aggressive looks on the front with breathable fabric makes this the best gaming chair under 20k in India.

Review About Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair On Amazon By A Verified User
Review From A Verified Buyer | Read More

The Green Soul Monster is like no other gaming chair under 20,000 price point. The chair feels premium, all thanks to its design and build quality. The aggressive looks on the front with breathable fabric for better airflow – makes this the best gaming chair under 20k in India.

The chair has everything that you would want – comfort, premium design, and a lot of space to sit on. The only question to when the Green Soul is going to teach it up. Something like an RGB or cool tech would be a huge upgrade. Apart from that, no complaints as of now. Definitely must check this one out.

Which one is the best?Comment your favourite!
Green Soul Monster
Green Soul Beast

Green Soul Beast

Ergonomic/Best Gaming Chair Under 20000

Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair Under 20000 Rs in India 2021
Adjustable & Removable Headrest
Removable Lumbar Support Pillow
Wider and Thicker 3D Armrests
Great quality and ergonomics
Great Lift mechanism
3 year warranty
Fabric and PU Leather Quality
9.7Expert Score
Budget King for Gamers!

Low on budget? No worries. Whether it’s a Monster or Beast, both are similar and among the best gaming chairs, you can get. Live it, King Size.

Next on the list is the beast from Green Soul. Unlike Green Soul Monster, the Beast features some unique features at less of a price. Both among the best gaming chair under 20000, the Monster barely makes it at number one. Here are the key differences between Monster and Beast Gaming Chair by Green Soul;

  1. Beast has a medium chair size Vs Monster has a large chair size
  2. Beast has 3D arm-rests Vs Monster has 4D carbon textured armrests
  3. Beast is made with breathable fabric Vs Monster is made with High quality soft super cool fabric
  4. Beast is suitable for height 5ft – 5ft.7″ and Monster series is suitable for 5ft.2″ – 6ft.1″
Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair Review From Verified Buyer On Amazon
This Chair Prevents Headache! Know How.

Both chairs have the astounding build quality and do amazingly well while playing games for a long duration. Whether it is a beast or Monster, you can’t get away from having an amazing experience overall.

Looking to upgrade your gaming setup – you also might be interest in best gaming monitor under 20000.

You’ve already checked the TOP 3 Best Gaming Chair Under 20000? Want more? Check below 👇

Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 in terms of Comfort

ApexApex Crusader XI Gaming Chair In Red Under 20000-Crusader-XI-Gaming-Chair-In-Red-Under-20000
Stylish and unique chair
Comfortable headrest
Premium Design and looks
Ultra Smooth wheels
170 Degree Tilt Lever
Class 4 Gas rod feels like class 2
Build quality not strong enough
9.3Expert Score
Style Without a Dime!

One of the most stylish gaming chairs you can buy in the market today. Racing Car style seats with a diamond finish on the front are the bonus.

If you’re a fan of racing car-inspired seats – this chair is for you. The diamond finish on the front looks cool and the material used is premium aswell. While some might be confused as to whether the red finish on the front isn’t eye appealing, this really is not the case.

The chair is height adjustable and the hand rest can also be adjusted sideways or up and down. However, this chair does not support a 4D armrest that you could get on the Green Soul Monster gaming chair.

Meanwhile, the chair has no complaints about the comfort department, you lack some features here and there. In terms of durability and after-sales service, this chair is supported with a 1-year onsite warranty directly from the brand itself.

MRC Racing Style Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 With Racing Style Seat

MRC White and Black Gaming Chair Under 20000
Racing Style Seat – Perfect for Gaming
180 Degree Reclining Option
Sturdy build quality
Super Color Options
Rubber Based Wheels
Dust Magnet Due to its color
Only 3D Armrest
9.1Expert Score
Mix of Passion, Style & Hue!

Racing-style gaming chairs are one of the favorites among gamers these days. With right combination of black & white – defines the characteristics of a real gamer.

You might be aware of the MRC Executive chairs before, whether it’s a chair for office use or for gaming – MRC chairs are among the premium chairs in the Indian market today. This particular MRC Racing Style Gaming Chair is no exception. With comfortable material used in the chair, it keeps your momentum high for gaming.

In terms of design and looks, the white color on the front acts as a dust magnet, but in a closed Air-conditioned environment – this might not be the case. It comes with rubber wheels that are smooth and don’t tear off that easily.

Greysteel Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 With Footrest

Greysteel Gaming Chair Under 20k With Footrest in India with Red and Black Color Finish
In Build Masseur (USB plug and play)
Gaming Chair with Footrest India
Ergonomic Chair for Streamers
Great Head & Lumbar Support
Premium Diamond Design
Carbon Fiber Leather
Mediocre Reviews
9Expert Score
A Treat for Gamers.

Does the lack of footrest hurt your AIM? No more excuses, this chair is all you might need in a gaming chair for a comfortable gaming experience.

What if I told you that a chair build for gaming has a footrest, an in-build massager, and has all the comfort you need for gaming. Can you believe that? The Greysteel Gaming chair is meant for those who can’t compromise on any level of comfort. Well, no guarantees if this can improve your AIM – but what this can improve is comfortable gaming hours in your stats.

The in-build massager is like plug-and-play and does the job decently considering the price point. However, don’t expect it to work like premium massager chairs that go deep in the pocket. Overall, this gaming chair is a treat for gamers. Must check it out.

Did you like our TOP Picks for Best Gaming Chair Under 20000? Let me know in the comments down below.

Casa Copenhagen ESPP52

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 For Professionals

Casa Copenhagen ESPP52 Gaming Chair for Professional Gamers
For Office and Also Gaming
Gaming chair with premium build
Italian leather for better design
360 Swivel for reliability
Supports Upto 150Kg
A bit on higher price
After sales service
8.9Expert Score
Tall, & Big – For Professionals

For people who are tall and want something that is comfortable and looks professional at the same time.

A gaming chair that not just looks premium by design but is comfortable and ergonomic by its build. The gaming chair offers decent space for tall people and has decent support for the back.

The chair comes with Italian leather which looks and feels of high quality. It is easy to assemble and anyone can do it with the manual that is included inside. Overall, professionals who want a comfortable gaming experience can go for it.

Casa Copenhagen TT

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 With Mesh

Casa Copenhagen Gaming Chair with Most Comfortability Under 20000
Great Support for Back
Pretty easy to assemble
Most adjustable Chair
Unique Mesh Design
Comfortable Armrest
Not so gamer friendly in looks
Poor customer service
8.7Expert Score
For Peps Who Care Posture

You don’t want miss out on right posture when gaming for long hours. Comfort is comfort but comfort without right posture isn’t the same in long run.

While this might be an ordinary gaming chair at the first look – a lot of research and engineering is given to this chair for maintaining the right posture while sitting for long hours. The Case Copenhagen gaming chair comes with a mesh design at back, plus it has a unique headrest on the top aswell.

The bottom comes with a steel alloy base, keeping it strong and steady and maintaining that high level of comfort and looks at the same time. The chair with armrest is one of the comfortable choice that you can go with under 20,000.

Gamdias Achilles E1

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 With RGB

Gamdias Achilles E1 Gaming Chair With RGB on Back Under 20000 Rs
Gaming Chair With RGB on Back
Customizable RGB
Class 4 Hydraulic Pistons
Unique Mesh Design
Leather Style Vinyl seat
2D Adjustable armrest
1 year warranty only
8.6Expert Score
RGB Is Love – & Gaming

Imagine RGB on your gaming chair? Seems a Dream? Make it Real with GAMDIAS Gaming Chair in Under 20,000 Rs!

Gamers are Gamers and we love RGB regardless of how much money you have or how little. Gamers like you and I always have a sweet spot regarding RGB in our gaming setup. And how good it can be when it comes to an RGB gaming chair at budget.

The Gamdias Gaming chair is a unique combination of comfort, design, and RGB light on the back that gets all the attention in just one look. For the price and overall material used in this chair – you can’t miss out on our best gaming chairs under 20000 Rs in India.


Most Aggressive & Best Gaming Chair Under 20k

Astrix Monza Gaming Chair with Monstrous Looks
Monster looking – gamer’s TOP pick
Decent Butterfly Mechanism
5-star Nylon Base
Premium Leather Cover
Lifetime Frame Warranty
After Sales Service Service
8.5Expert Score
A beast by looks

A chair that is meant for gaming and also for office use. Comes with a 4D armrest and soft backrest delivering extra comfort while working/gaming.

This gaming chair from Astrix is HUGE. Despite having an aggressive look and budget price – this chair is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs that you can buy.

It comes with a butterfly mechanism with which you can lock the chair at any given position you may want. The headrest and backrest both come with soft padding for that extra comfort while gaming. Overall, a strong contender at this price point.


Best Gaming Chair Under 20000 at Budget

Cellbell GC05 Transformer X Series Red & Black Gaming Chair in India
Racing Style Gaming Chair
4D armrests (can adjust)
PU Headrest for comfort
Premium Leather Cover
Easy and Quick to Assemble
No 180 degree recline
Poor quality wheel base
8.4Expert Score
At Budget without Compromises

What do you expect at a budget gaming chair? With CELLBELL, expect everything and it won’t let you disappoint for its price. Decent Enough to be in our list for best gaming chair under 20000.

What would you get with a budget gaming chair? A frog mechanism, 4D armrest, premium soft materials for the backrest, a headrest, and lumbar support – you get all of this with the CELLBELL GC05 gaming chair. And, at the budget price point.

CELLBELL GC05 Transformer Series Gaming Chair Under 20k in Real Life with a Gaming Desk
CellBell GC05 in Real LIfe | Credits: IBG

The chair is ergonomically designed to provide you maximum comfort which allows you to focus on the task at hand, even during those long duration of workflows. Overall, a decent option at under 20,000 Rs.


While gaming chairs are not “the best” sort of chairs that you can buy for gaming – the fact is if they look cool to you – you are still gonna buy them.

So, should you invest in a gaming chair?

Yes, at least I’ll. Regardless of comfort – which depends on a lot of factors like build quality, materials used, overall design, and more. But, here are some things that you might want to consider before buying a gaming chair.

  1. Build Quality – You certainly want to be sure to choose a gaming chair that has a solid build. Generally, the hydraulic and wheelbase are some parts on which the brands try to reduce their cost. Make sure they are of high quality.
  2. Comfort – While this might be depending upon your taste – Chair A might not be comfortable like Chair B depending upon who sits on it. While this necessarily does not need to be subjective – things like material used in the chair (fabric), the ergonomics of the chair, and the seating position are key things to look for.
  3. Adjustability – A Gaming chair Must have adjustability options based on the type of mechanism they are built on. Generally, the gaming chairs under 20000 Rs come with three mechanisms – the butterfly mechanism, Deer Mechanism, and Frog Mechanism. Depending upon the chair you buy, you get different features with them. Apart from height adjustability, you can select from the 2D, 3D, and 4D armrest from the best gaming chairs under 20000 list.

Learn more about deer mechanism vs frog mechanism chair here.

So these were some things that you need to look for while choosing the best gaming chair under 20000 Rs in India 2022. If you need any help regarding which chair to choose from, or any other queries – feel free to comment down below.

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