[Top 10] Best CPU Under 10000 INR (PRO Gamer’s Choice)

Are you looking for the best CPU under 10000 Rs? While this can be a tiresome job finding a decent processor under 10k, but it won’t be anymore.

This is the list of best processor for gaming under 10000 that you can buy in the market today.

Below I’ve mentioned the best CPU under 10000 Rs in India 2022 that perform excellently in multitasking and gaming. And, if you can upgrade to a decent graphics card and 8GB RAM with any of these CPUs – definitely expect high performance on it.

If are a PRO Gamer and want more detailed review of CPUs under 10000 you might want to continue reading.

overpriced CPU Everywhere
CPUs are Overpriced…..ONLY IN INDIA!

BEFORE BUYING ONLINE make sure you read the complete specification of processor – else you might end up buying an outdated one.

Top 5 Best Processor for Gaming Under 10000 India 2022

Processor Name (Click to Buy)Why to Choose?
Intel Core i5-9400FBest CPU Under 10000
Intel Core I3-10100FBest Processor for Gaming under 10k
Intel Core i3-9100Best APU Under 10000
Intel Pentium Gold G6400Best Selling Intel Processor Under 10000
AMD Athlon 3000GBest AMD Processor Under 10000

Intel Core I5-9400F

Best CPU Under 10000

Intel Core i5-9400F Best CPU Under 10000 in 2021
Cores/Threads – 6/6
Base Clock– 2.9 GHz
Boost Clock – 4.1 GHz
TDP – 65 W
Socket – LGA1151
Overclocking – No

The Intel i5-9400F is undoubtedly the best processor under 10000 Rs. On paper, the 9400F is slightly better than the vanilla Core i5-9400. Plus, it is more affordable aswell.

Please note, the i5-9400F is a graphics-locked CPU meaning that you need to have a discrete GPU in order for the display to work.

As mentioned before, if paired with any mid graphics card (GTX 1050 or better) and a reasonable 8GB RAM – this CPU can very well handle 1080p gaming without any lag whatsoever.

Which one is better: i5 9400F Vs Ryzen 5 2600?

Is i5 9400F Good for 1080p gaming?

Is i5 9400F Good for 1080p gaming

i5-9400F + GTX 1660Ti (High Quality)

GTA V: 83 fps
CS:GO: 219 fps
Valorant: 165 fps
Fortnite: 108 fps
PubG: 89 fps

Check more about i5-9400F

Thinking about Budget PC Build? This might help 👇

Intel Core I3-10100F

Best Processor for Gaming under 10000

Intel Core i3-10100F Best Gaming Processor Under 10000
Cores/Threads – 4/8
Base Clock– 3.60 GHz
Boost Clock – 4.30 GHz
TDP – 65 W
Socket – LGA1200
Overclocking – No

The Intel Core i3-10100F is still better in 2021 than you might think! If you are into the budget PC build and want the best out of your money – the i3-10100F is the choice you should make. 

Now, In no way I’m saying the AMD’s Ryzen 2600 series is bad, but can you buy that at “actual rate” in India? Probably think twice…

The Intel i3 10th gen series still outperforms the old i7 7th gen series by a lot. Just look at the performance difference. The Intel i3 10100F is better than the i7 7770 series processors (Raw usage).

Intel i3 10100f vs Intel i7 7770 Benchmark For Gaming and Performance
Shocked with the Price Difference? Think about the price to performance ratio…

The i3 10100F is 4 cores (quad-core) and 8 threads processor that comes with 6MB cache memory. With a base clock frequency of 3.60 GHz and a turbo frequency of 4.30 GHz, you’re surely gonna enjoy the gaming and editing experience with this processor.

Intel Core i3-9100

Best APU Under 10000

Intel Core i3-9100 Best APU Under 10000 Rs in India 2021
Cores/Threads – 4/4
Base Clock– 3.60 GHz
Boost Clock – 4.20 GHz
TDP – 65 W
Socket – LGA1151
Overclocking – Yes

While some might confuse to whether choose the i3 9100 processor (since it is outdated) or the i3 10100F processor (successor to 9th gen processors) – let me tell you why I have mentioned this processor here in this list.

First thing first, the i3-9100 comes with Integrated graphics, unlike the i3 10100F. So you don’t need to buy a discrete GPU while building a budget PC. This may not be useful for all, but for all those who are on a tight budget – thank me later.

The second reason for choosing i3 9100 is the option of overclocking to up to 4.20Ghz. This CPU can be overclocked, unlike the i3 10100F processor. If you are someone who would want to experiment with their build to get that extra performance boost, you know what to buy!

Here’s the UserBenchmark rating for i3-9100 and the i3 10100F processor;

Intel i3 9100 Vs Intel i3 10100F Processor Benchmark Score

Intel Pentium Gold G6400

Best Selling Intel Processor Under 10000

Intel Pentium Gold G6400 is it still the best cpu under 10000 in 2021
Cores/Threads – 2/4
Base Clock– 4 GHz
Boost Clock – 4.1 GHz
TDP – 58 W
Socket – LGA1200
Overclocking – No

Intel Pentium Gold G6400 is actually Gold of a CPU under 10,000 Rs in India. This CPU comes just under $100 and performs similarly to an i3-9100 processor. Yes, you read that right.

Just look at the UserBenchmark scores of both the CPUs;

Intel Pentium Gold G6400 vs Intel i3 9100
Did you compare the price to performance ratio for both the CPUs?

Here’s how i3 9100 still manages to beat the G6400than just the price.

The i3 9100 comes with 4 cores and 4 threads – all at base clock frequency of 3.60 GHz. Whereas, G6400 comes at just 2 cores and 4 threads, reasonable for its price.

 AMD Athlon 3000G

Best Selling Intel Processor Under 10000

AMD Athlon 3000G AMD's Best CPU Under 10000 Rs
Cores/Threads – 2/4
Base Clock– 3.50 GHz
Boost Clock – 4.00 GHz
TDP – 35 W
Socket – AM4
Overclocking – Yes

This one is probably the best CPU under 10000 from AMD that you can actually buy under 10k in India (thanks to all distributors here). This one is probably the best entry-level CPU that anyone can buy – doesn’t matter if you want to do casual gaming, want to improve your office work, or do some basic level editing work.

This processor can handle most of the tasks quite seamlessly.

Now don’t expect an i5-9400F level of performance from this CPU, however, trust me when I say this – this CPU is very good for its price.

Here’s how Athlon 3000G Vs Intel Pentium Gold G6400 UserBenchmark score looks like;

Athlon 3000G Vs Pentium Gold G6400 Which one is better CPU under 10000
Both perform reasonably well – AMD takes a small lead.

There is just a minor lead from the AMD’s Athlon 3000G over the Gold G6400 processor. However, considering Intel is Intel and most of the times raw performance is what matters during gaming for that extra FPS.

Both stand strong against each other – no wins here.


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