10 Best Cooling Pads For Laptop In India 2021 (Updated)

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At Gaming Nation today, I’ve curated the list for 10 high-performance cooling pads in India that you can buy and that too at an affordable price.

But before buying a cooling pad for your laptop you need to know if it is capable of giving efficient cooling to your laptop or not. What size does it come, does it have adjustable height, what’s the surface area, and so on.

Below I’ve mentioned some of the essential things that you should consider before buying the best cooling pad for laptop in India.

Before Buying a Cooling Pad For Laptops

Surface Area

The size of the cooling pad may vary, but what’s important considering is the surface area of cooling it covers. Suppose you have a 17-inch gaming laptop, you don’t want a small-sized cooling pad of 15.6 inches. This might work for maintaining a low temperature, but with proper surface area, results will be exponential.

Number and Position of Fans

Fans are essential aspects of cooling pads, well they are ones that help in airflow between the surfaces. You might think, more the fans equals better cooling, but that’s not the case with cooling pads. Why? It’s also because of the position of the fans placed.

If you have 5 fans all placed at the top but the laptop vents are below, this won’t make sense. Choose cooling pads based on the fan’s position and your laptop vents. This is better than more fans and an ineffective position.

LED Lights

Nowadays cooling pads are looking cooler(No pun intended). You see, LED lights can be a selling point while presenting a cooling pad before gamers, and that’s why they sell.

If you are interested in RGB lights or just a single backlit, cooling pads do come with such features. Look for the ones that match the overall aspect of your gaming setup or room.


Just imagine, you have a cooling pad with zero height adjustability, or given a little to no space for airflow, it will work against good. You might want to think again before not considering the height factor while purchasing the cooling pad.

Airflow is a vital aspect of any cooling pad to work effectively. With a height-adjustable feature, increasing and decreasing the height for your comfort is easy.

Control Speed

While you can keep the fan’s speed high to keep the minimum temperature, but high speed adds noise. 

Look, you can adjust the speed of fans according to the tasks you’re doing on the machine, while gaming keeps the fans to maximum, reduce the noise with a headset, on the other hand, decrease the speed while using a low demanding application, simple. 


The first time I thought of ordering a cooling pad for my Acer Aspire 7, the cooling pads on amazon looked so chunky and had plasticky, to be honest. But now, the cooling pads come with unique design, metal body, a better airflow. 

If looks, RGB, and just the overall aesthetics with cooling are your main concern, look for high priced cooling pads that will give you good looks at a good price. But if cooling is the only concern, look for metal-mesh design on the front and any cooling pad under the budget of 2000 will be ideal for you.

If you understood these points, you are well good to go for your purchase on a cooling pad for laptop.

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Let’s dive in.

List of 10 Best Cooling Pads For Laptop In India

LAPCARE ChillMate2749 Rs
Photron2799 Rs
Astrum CP1702990 Rs
Cosmic Byte Comet21,190 Rs
Dezful Heavy Duty41,395 Rs
Cosmic Byte Asteroid51,399 Rs
TopMate Gaming56,820 Rs
Kootek57,485 Rs
Thermaltake CLN014 PL20SWA Cooling Pad111,048 Rs



The first on our list is LAPCARE ChillMate that has a 2 fan design with a metal mesh on the front. The cooling pad comes with 6 height adjustable modes, which you can change based on your convenience. Not only that, but the pad also features silent operation while you’re using a demanding application, suitable for decreasing the temperature by 5-6 degrees.

The downside of this cooling pad is the absence of control over the fan speed, which would have made this product an absolute value for money.

  • Light Weight
  • Silent Operation
  • Metal Mesh Design
  • Poor built quality
  • Plasticky look

Photron Laptop Cooling Pad


This cooling pad from Phatron is an ultra-slim cooling pad that comes with an iron mesh keeping the airflow cool. It is suitable for any 14-15.6 inch laptops, so now you don’t have to separately invest in cooling pads for your MacBooks. The cooling pad comes with 2 fans on the front that perform excellently in terms of heat dissipation and cooling your system to an extent.

The cooling pad also comes with an LED light that is limited with only blue color and black color on the body. It is lightweight and provides two options for USB ports on the back.

  • Durable
  • LED Lights
  • Suitable for 15.6 Inch Laptops
  • Low Fan Speed
  • Cannot adjust speed

Astrum CP170


CP170 cooling pad from Astrum is probably one of the best laptop cooling pads that you can buy in the market and that too at an decent price. Just under 1000 Rs, this cooling pad serves the wide segment of customers, whether you have a 17-inch laptop, a 15.6 inch, maybe a gaming laptop, this cooling pad is enough for any of the laptop types you might own.

It has a unique design on the front, and with 2 huge fans, this cooling pad covers most of the surface area of 17-inch laptops. It is well built, looks premium, has that LED option, plus comes at a reasonable rate. One of the best laptop cooling pads for gaming laptops.

  • Premium Look
  • Decent Built Quality
  • Durable ports
  • Cannot adjust the height

Cosmic Byte Comet


Comet by Cosmic Byte is one of the cooling pads I’ve personally tried and tested for my gaming laptop. And before jumping on the specifications, this is close to the best cooling pad that you can buy, giving you maximum value for your money. Why close? Because it has poor USB ports, plus the braided wire it comes with, is probably the worst of all. 

But, here’s what good about this Comet. It is well built, has durable plastic material, plus the fans are sufficient to decrease the temperatures of your laptop. The price is reasonable, and if you can somehow adjust the wire quality, this is the go-to option while buying a cooling pad in India.

  • Excellent Built Quality
  • LED light on the front
  • Mesh Design
  • Solid height stand
  • Poor Wire
  • Faulty USB ports

Dezful Heavy Duty


One thing about thing cooling pad that holds my interest is its monster looking design. Good for gaming laptops to give that aggressive look, plus it has 4 big fans and an LED. This cooling pad has a speed control feature, meaning you can not only increase the speed of fans during heavy usage but also decrease when not in need.

Additionally, it supports 2 USB ports for connecting USB devices on this pad. The pad supports height adjustment at 2 levels and covers a standard warranty of 1 year. Has a spot for being in one of the best cooling pad for laptop in India for a reason.

  • Suitable for 17-inch laptops
  • Comes with braided cable
  • Silent fans
  • Cheap quality ports

Cosmic Byte Asteroid


Asteroid by Cosmic Byte is a successor to Comet, this cooling pad includes 5 super-effective cooling fans that are even suitable for 17-inch gaming laptops. The body of the Asteroid cooling pad is solid and looks premium for any cooling pads in the market. With eye-catching LEDs on the front, you can effortlessly create the much need gaming experience around.

The fans are quiet so no more headphones for an unnecessary task on your laptop, but hey, for gaming, you always need the gaming headphone and best mechanical keyboard under 3000. However, if you want height adjustabilities on your cooling pads, the Asteroid comes with 7 level height adjustments.

  • LED lights
  • 5 Fan Design
  • 7 level height adjustment
  • Good for gaming laptops
  • Heavy product

Kootek R12


If you want a sturdy and most durable cooling pad for your laptop that will quite serve the purpose for a longer time, and that too comes with RGB lighting on it, it’s just Havit everyone(no pun intended). This cooling pad from Kootek comes with three cooling fans, each one big enough to cool your 17-inch gaming laptop.

The RGB lights on the bottom are customizable from 15 modes, plus can be changed with a physical press on the front. The pad comes with 2 height adjustable modes, decent enough to maintain the proper viewing angles from the front.

  • Customizable LED lights
  • Efficient Cooling
  • Sturdy Mesh
  • Heavy
  • Poor Design

TopMate Gaming


The next on our list is TopMate TM-3, this cooling pad is effective for laptop sizes in the range of 12-15.6 inches. It is designed to effectively cool your gaming laptop, no matter what’s heating inside. It has 5 fans, a small LCD screen, 6 wind speeds, and 3 fan operation modes, so much for a little money. 

The fans attain the maximum speed of 2500 RPM and can power with any of the 2 USB ports at the back of this cooling pad. Besides, with 5 height adjustable modes, you can never thing of back or neck pain during long gaming sessions. Should be in our list for best cooling pad for laptop in India.

  • Good built quality
  • 5 level height adjustments
  • 3 Fan operation modes
  • Mediocre customer reviews
  • Poor stand quality

TeckNet N5


If you want an ultra-silent cooling pad for laptop, TeckNet N5 is one of the best cooling pad in India. This cooling pad form TeckNet N5 is capable of reducing the laptop temperature with least 5-8 degrees, enough to reduce the load on CPU. It comes with controllable buttons on the back with which you can switch off and on the cooling pad based on your needs.

The cooling has a larger metal mesh design on the front and comes with a 2 fan design. The overall built quality is premium and has a distinct look and feel. A solid choice if you want a super silent cooling pad for your laptop.

  • Super Silent
  • Reduces temp by 5-8 degrees
  • Compact design
  • Low fan RPM

Thermaltake CLN014


One of the most expensive cooling pads that you can find in India, and there is a reason for it. The Thermaltake CLN014 is an allrounder in terms of a cooling pad. For all sizes of laptops, better cooling, higher airflow, plus a huge fan covering itself from an LED. The pad requires a DC supply to power and can adjust the speed of the fan with a switch present on the back.

While you can easily cool the 15.6-inch laptops, this one performs better with higher inches gaming notebooks available in the market. The cooling pad pays itself in terms of cooling it performs for your laptops. must buy if money is not your concern.

  • Suitable for 17-inch laptops
  • Decent cooling
  • 3 Adjustable height setting
  • LED Light
  • Overpriced item
  • Should’ve included more fans

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